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on the 4th season 
of the National Children’s Song Contest “Bala Dauysy-2019”

  1. The Contest Organizers: Zhandanu Alemi PF,  Ministry of Culture and Sports of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Foundation of the First President of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Yelbasy.
  2. The Contest Goal: to identify and support musically and creatively gifted children 8 to 12 years old, and to help in realization of their creative potential and further development of their abilities.


  1. 1.From March 29 till May 21 qualifying rounds will be held in all regional centres of Shymkent, Almaty, and Astana.
  2. 2.The information about the venue, date and time of the qualifying round will be published at the contest Web-site: www.baladauysy.kz, instagram: @baladauysy, and on the air of the regional TV-channels from March 15, 2019.
What do you need to do to participate in the qualifying round?
  1. Arrive at the qualifying round venue. The registration will begin at 09.00 and close at 11.00.
  2. Proceed to the registration desk.
  3. Present to the organizer the original Certificate of Birth of your child, then the Parent needs to complete a questionnaire with his or her and child’s details.
  4. Each child will get a serial number and go to the waiting room, where TV filming will be made in parallel.
  5. The organizers will invite children one by one and one of the parents.
  6. At the trial the child needs to sing fragments of 3 songs without backing track: 1) in Kazakh; 2) in English; 3) in any language at the participant’s choice.
    Attention!!! The child can team up with his or her parent to sing one of the songs!
  7. It would be very good if while singing the fragments the child shows his or her acting and choreographic abilities.
  8. During the trial the child will be offered a task to determine the sense of rhythm.
  9. As soon as the all participants pass the audition the music producer and the tutor- popular entertainer announce the name of the winner of the qualifying round and present the invitation to «Star Home Bala Dauysy» in Almaty.


  1. The qualifying round winners arrive at the Star House in Almaty accompanied by their parents or surrogate parents.
  2. The Star House will work from the 1st till the 15th of June (Star House-1), and from the 1st till the 25th of October (Star House-2). All qualifying round winners must participate in both rounds.
  3. In the Star House the children will have vocal, choreography, and acting lessons to be prepared for the Super Final and Gala Concert.


  1. At the final stage children will participate in the Super Final, where they will sing solo new children songs written specially for them.
  2. The Contest winner and laureates will be determined by the professional jury members and TV audience by the way of voting at the official Web-site of the Contest or SMS.
  3. In the Star House the children will have vocal, choreography, and acting lessons to be prepared for the Super Final and Gala Concert.
  4. All participants of the Super Final will be awarded personalized statuettes and souvenirs. The Grand Prix winner will be awarded an educational grant and a pass to the Disney Land.


  1. The Contest Organizing Committee will pay and provide for the Participant and one accompanying person:
    • trip to the Star House-2 (both ways);
    • internal transport;
    • accommodation;
    • five meals daily;
    • making of the performance suits;
    • individual and group vocal, acting and choreography lessons;
    • song recording at the professional studio;
    • sightseeing programs.
  2. In case of necessity the Organizer will assist in provision of letters, invitations, etc.
  3. All the events within the framework of the Contest and all the out-of-contest events will be held in strict compliance with the Rules approved by the Organizing Committee.

Good Luck!

Ұлттық балалар ән байқауы
«Бала дауысы»

Foundation Of The First President Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan

Ministry Of Culture And Sport Of The Republic Of Kazakhstan

Национальный детский песенный конкурс «Бала дауысы»