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The most talented kid was chosen in Nur-Sultan

The qualifying rounds of the IV season of the National children's song contest "Bala Dauysy" - Aliya Nazarbayeva and the Fund "Zhandanu Alemi" author's project come to an end, the project which for the last four years of its existence managed to conquer the hearts of millions of audience.

This year the auditions of the project took place in seventeen cities and regional centers of the Republic. The last audition was on 22 May in the Pupils palace named after M. Utemisov, Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.   Immersed in an unforgettable atmosphere, children felt like the big stars. Participants were in the center of attention from the organizers of the competition, reporters of local TV channels and correspondents of printed publications. They took part in photo shoots and the filming of the diaries of the IV season of the contest "Bala dauysy". Marzhan Arapbaeva - the star jury, the popular Kazakh singer and Farida Niyazova -music producer listened to more than 300 participants, aged 8 to 12 years from different parts of the region.

10-year old Kamilla Kuzdenbayeva became the finalist from Nur-Sultan. She simply charmed the jury and the audience with her unique voice, remarkably developed hearing and sense of rhythm. Everyone was fascinated by her beautiful natural vocal skills. According to Camille's mother, her creative abilities are known from early childhood. Despite the fact that the girl who was born in a family of financiers, in one and a half years she was famous for her  peculiar performance of a children song  called "Antoshka". And at the age of 3 she began attending her first lessons on vocal. Since then, Kamilla does not spend a day without music and singing. In addition to music, she loves Spanish language and learning it at the present time. Besides singing Kamilla  learns Spanish language. Kamilla likes it so much that most of the songs in her performances are written in this language. Also, the finalist from the capital city is fond of dancing and playing the piano. In the future, Kamilla Kuzdenbaeva sees herself as a star of the world stage, and believes that "Bala Dauysy" - the most ambitious children's project of the country  will be one of the first steps in implementing this goal.

This autumn Kamilla will go to the "Star house" on the territory of the national center "Bobek". There she will meet with the rest of the finalists of the project, where in preparation for the super Final they will attend lessons of vocal, choreography and acting. On October 25 and 27, children will take part in the TV programs of the project, where they will perform new children's compositions written in the framework of the competition.

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«Бала дауысы»

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Национальный детский песенный конкурс «Бала дауысы»